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Enhancing Directory Listing

This week I was going through the LibraryBox 'Google Groups' group and found an interesting post. The user found a way to sytle the directory with some CSS magic. The post was straight forward and required very little work.

The end result was a very nice looking directory listing with a responsive design to boost! This was something I had been looking for and was happy someone the time to figure this out. So let's see how to customize the directory listing....

First, if you'd like to do the mininum amount of work you can download the zip file containing a pre-made theme here.

Second, extract the zip file to your computers desktop. In the zip file you'll find folder labeled CSS and a file labeled dir-generator.php.

Third, copy over the files (3) in the CSS folder to the folder on the USB under the /LibraryBox/Content/css directory. You can put the dir-generator.php file in the root of the USB. HINT: you can either use FTP to transfer the files or power down the LB and transfer the files manually. I used FTP.

Fourth, SSH into your LB and copy over the dir-generator.php file to the appropriate directory at /opt/piratebox/www. HINT: the command as follows cp /mnt/usb/dir-generator.php /opt/piratebox/www

Fifth, exit the SSH session and hit refresh or go to LB page. Check the directory and the style should be updated. Enjoy!

That's all that it takes to update the style of the directory listing. There are some limitation of course and you can read about them at the 'group's' post. From my testing I've noticed a slight speed increse and of course the responsive design works great on mobile. So if you want to update the directory listing you can now with some CSS and editing the dir-generator.php file.